What It Is! - Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade

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What It is!
Since a couple of local Tybee Island softball teams had a little fun in 1987, and the waterlogged tradition continues —
Tybee’s annual Beach Bum Parade is the  “the south’s largest water fight”
Thousands of people will be up on Butler Avenue in anticipation for floats to drive by and soak them with water as they spray right back. It is a family friendly event focused on fun.
Everyone, young or old, gets to act like a kid.
There are just a few rules:
1.     Do not, under any circumstance, spray water at our Police!! They are here to keep you safe. They are also wearing very expensive equipment.
2.     Bring plenty of water. The water in your water gun will last somewhere around 5-10 seconds.
3.     Keep your valuables safe. A ziploc baggie or a sealed container works well to protect your phones, wallets, cameras, cigarettes, etc.
4.     Do not use ice water in your water gun.
5.     Keep an eagle eye on your children. There is a lot of traffic, tourists, drunk people, etc. Keep those little ones safe while they are having fun.
6.     Bring towels and/or a change of clothes. Believe me, you will be wet and cold when the parade is over. Come prepared.
7.     Make sure your water guns are in good working order. Nothing worse than getting to the parade and having your line of protection fail you.
8.     No pressure washers or water balloons are allowed. We are here to have fun, not endanger people.
9.     Drink responsibly. I'm sure this will fall on a lot of deaf ears, but try to wait until the parade is over to get your drinking on.

The Beach Bums use the proceeds from the event to help local Tybee Island charities and causes.  

Tybee Island Beach Bum Honorees:

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